Yacht Cruises Under Roosevelt Island Bridge, Lifted for UN Week

Yachts Cruise Under the Roosevelt Island Bridge. Everyone Else Waits


Emergency vehicles, cars, bike and pedestrians wait while yachts cruise freely under the Roosevelt Island Bridge during UN Week. Didn’t anyone think about the risks?

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

It’s UN Week, and some disruptions are necessary for security. The Roosevelt Island Bridge draws up, allowing taller vessels to pass. But as the Roosevelt Islander reported yesterday, poor state planning puts the community at serious daily risk.

A luxury yacht cruises under the raised Roosevelt Island drawbridge.

For its part, RIOC, the state agency that never makes a mistake, failed to notify residents about plans for dealing with delayed emergency and other vehicles. What if there’s a fire? A heart attack? A kid hit by a car?

Apparently, RIOC’s lackadaisical brain trust has nothing in place.

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