Blip on the radar? Roosevelt Island coronavirus rates back to normal

Blip on the radar? Roosevelt Island coronavirus rates back to normal

After last week’s scary surge in the wrong direction, Roosevelt Island coronavirus rates are back to normal, this week. As New York City rates dived below 6% for the first time in 2021, local numbers followed.

For the seven day period ending April 8th — the latest available — Zip Code 10044 registered a 1.81% positivity rate. The Department of Health uses a 7-day rolling average. That’s based on 443 tests with only 8 positives.

A big dip back from 2.66%, which now looks more like an anomaly, a blip on the radar.

We’re not back to the top five in city Zip Codes, but we’re in the top ten.

New York City’s overall rate was 5.86%.

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