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Your Life’s A Popup. Don’t Worry. Grab Some Fun Now Because You Can Always Do It Again


Your life’s a popup, a one-of-a-kind invention, a wrinkle in time. And what’s great is you can screw up, win, lose or draw and, then, do it again.

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By David Stone

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When we get anchored on a single, limited point of view, we lose perspective about how great life is. By that, I mean all of your life, what’s before and what comes after.

About a year ago, I posted What happens when you die, but there’s a reverse worth thinking about.

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The simple point is, a part of you fails. It falls apart, but the foundations remain, the ones we always had. Your life’s a popup, but your foundation is where you live, all the time, no dying allowed.

How your life’s a popup…

It’s all over ancient history, the idea of renewal, of reincarnation, and probably we knew all along. But like Henry Hill in The Music Man, we don’t know the territory. And we don’t see the forest for the trees, if you can tolerate the cliche.

We’re so focused on our physical world, we don’t see the essential universe powering it.

Nor should we.

We arrive in this place of unimaginable opportunity, fresh out of the warmth of Mom, with one intention.

And that is to experience the world in all its wonder, testing and shaping it as the physical projection of all of us and more. Where there’s consciousness, there’s creation in every second.

Your life’s a popup and a joy ride.

You make of it what you will…

Really look at it with a clear eye. Ask yourself, Who’s that overseer, that individual always watching you, taking it all in?

It’s you, and you know your life’s a popup, there for a one-time spree.

Too often, we weigh it down with judgment or worry, instead of learning and letting go. But anyway, the great thing is, you can’t get it wrong because there is no wrong. There’s just you and your romp through living the physical life.

You always get to do it again, flip it around, start over and do it backward, sideways or standing still

You decide how to build and operate that popup.

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