Roosevelt Island Lighthouse on a Sunny Winter Sunday Afternoon


Thought to have been built in 1872, the origin is so iffy no one is sure who did it. But it became the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse when Welfare Island changed names in the 1960s.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily/News

The tower spent most of its life as the Blackwell Island Lighthouse. The real irony is that both future name changes came after it lost its job guiding ships through the perils of Hell Gate.

In all seasons, people so love it and its setting where channels of the East River part… or rejoin, depending on your point of view. Couples dangle their feet over the seawall while others cast fishing lines into the currents separating nearby.

Others pass in a familiar Roosevelt Island stroll.

On Sunday, January 10th, 2020, the historic site had plenty of company. The cold north wind of recent days subsided, and a bright sun pushed temperatures into the 40s.

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