On Roosevelt Island: A Happy, Sunny Side of Main?

A happy, sunny side of Main Street on Roosevelt Island rises into view soon after you leave the half-abandoned canyon and Shops On Main.

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Why Can’t RIOC Now Shake Its Tradition of Lying?

At RIOC, a tradition of lying is baked in, undermining the state’s own credibility and public trust. But why? by David Stone Roosevelt Island News As RIOC rushed into demolishing big swaths of Southpoint Park,

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Southpoint, RIOC’s Strange and Reckless Assault on the Park

RIOC’s reckless assault on Southpoint Park trips on the heels of a broad evasion of responsibility. Ethical errors doom this project. And again, elected officials hide. Memorize their names for coming elections: Seawright, Serrano, Kallos,

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Women’s Suffrage: Joyful Celebration Now in Four Freedoms Park

Suffrage in Four Freedoms Park, celebrated in a field of sunflowers, marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Once again, the monumental staircase shouts, “Liberation!”

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RIOC Busted! Southpoint Park Hoax Now Exposed

A Southpoint Park hoax was exposed recently when a newly open RIOC released the three-year old redesign plan approved in 2017. That plan got trashed in 2020 for a whole new direction, but nobody seems

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