Is Bernie Sanders Finished?

Is Bernie Sanders Finished?

Is Bernie Sanders finished? Well, no, because he’s too stiff to admit defeat. But should he give up? Of course. Two weeks ago.

By David Stone

Before the dust settled, the morning after Joe Biden’s second blowout Tuesday, Bernie Sanders insisted on staying in. He plans to badger Biden with questions in a Sunday debate.

It’s as if he doesn’t know the Democratic primary season is over for 2020. Actually, it was over on Super Tuesday, March 3rd, and should’ve been sooner.

But the media narrative misled voters, claiming not only that Sanders had not tanked, but that he was actually winning. For some, a foregone conclusion…

The Guardian swore it was time for everyone to rally around Sanders.

He was it.

No, he wasn’t.

November is Coming, Presidential Election
November is coming, but Bernie Sanders will not be on that ballot.

So, how is Bernie Sanders finished?

When primary season started in Iowa, Sanders — a national figure for the last five years — narrowly lost to Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg, a small town mayor was unknown to most voters, a year ago.

Storm clouds formed. The mass media failed to notice, but nobody saw the gully washer ahead.

Bernie Sanders was finished before Super Tuesday because he got demolished in New Hampshire. Never mind, the press calling it a win.

Sanders got a lousy 26% of the vote.

He won New Hampshire in 2016, shellacking Hillary Clinton with 60% of the vote. But in 2020, fully half those who voted for him four years earlier dumped him.

Simple numbers: 151,584 for Sanders in 2016 vs. 76,394 in 2020.

But is Bernie Sanders finished, really? He won New Hampshire (barely) and Nevada too…

Facts Belie the Media Narrative

In 2016, Sanders scored a strong 47% of pledged delegates against a formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton. A powerful showing proved he was in the race to stay, but Nevada was different.

Against easier competition in 2020, Sanders polled 46%.

No, it wasn’t a gully washer as New Hampshire was, but it was grim. Yet, the mass media scored it a win.

It took giant losses on Super Tuesday to quiet the media campaign on behalf of Sanders, and that should’ve done it.

But it didn’t. The New York Times has newspapers to sell, you know, and advertisers to cash in on.

But even closet Trump cheerleaders like the Times can’t float this leaky boat. Their dream of a Trump over Sanders debacle should close.

And so should Bernie Sanders. He is finished. A smart man, in his heart of hearts, he must know it.

But like Trump, Sanders just can’t stand the idea of getting off the stage.

He’s about to drop from defeated to ludicrous.

4 thoughts on “Is Bernie Sanders Finished?

    1. They’re still at 88%, but Sanders won. It doesn’t change the facts. He didn’t win by enough to change the landscape. To win the nomination now, Sanders would have to beat Biden by 12% in every primary to come. That won’t happen. He’s toast, whether he likes it or not.

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