Presidents have a long history of condescension, indifference and outright racism toward Black Americans

Stephen A. Jones, Central Michigan University and Eric Freedman, Michigan State University The fury over racial injustice that erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s killing has forced Americans to confront their history. That’s unfamiliar territory for most Americans, whose historical knowledge amounts to a vague blend of fact and myth that was only half-learned

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The Sunday Read: Monday’s Electoral College vote could prove interesting

By Chris Krug | The Center Square/December 13th, 2020 (The Center Square) – The 538 electors within the Electoral College will cast their votes on Monday. This has historically been an uneventful, check-the-box moment in the process of electing a president. But in a year brimming with eventfulness, what emerges Monday from this milestone may be

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Trump’s a loon, and now, here’s why it flies

Trump’s a loon, Part 2, jiggled out easily from the shell of Greenland proves Trump’s a loon. The mass media did its part, treating the president’s Greenland pursuit as something real. They love clickbait, and Trump tosses them plenty. Can we ever forget how they fell all over the “but her emails” campaign?

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