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Big Day, 2019: Stop ‘N’ Swap, Roosevelt Island Recycled


Roosevelt Island Stop ‘N’ Swap, Saturday, November 8th, was a hit. Sponsor GrowNYC packed the Manhattan Park Theatre Club with eager recyclers.

Roosevelt Island Stop 'N' Swap

GrowNYC organizes Swap ‘N’ Shop events to encourage reuse of gently used clothing and other goods. Roosevelt Islanders proved eager swappers.

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Christina Delfico at Stop 'N' Swap
iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico organized locally.

Bring clean, reusable, portable items such as clothing, housewares, games, books, & toys that you no longer need, and take home something new-to-you, free! You don’t have to bring something to take something.

GrowNYC / Stop ‘N’ Swap

The idea behind Stop ‘N’ Swap encourages people donate no longer needed stuff to others for reuse. There’s no charge, and it goes in both directions.

You give me a book, and I give you my lightly worn sweater. Both of us gain, and he environment wins as resources are stretched.

Shoppers roamed through tables and racks of free stuff. Many gave, and many found.

The line to enter Roosevelt Island Stop ‘N’ Swap extended out the door when I arrived at around 1:30. Neighbors carried bags of goods to contribute and eyed the roomful of donations waiting ahead.

GrowNYC volunteers sorted the incoming, readying it for shoppers filling the space.
Few left empty-handed on Saturday as Roosevelt Islanders embraced recycling through community reuse.

Roosevelt Island Stop ‘N’ Swap 2019 Success

The event was so successful, you couldn’t help looking forward to the next chance to share with neighbors. Few others draw so many of us together.

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