The Dayspring Church Restaurant Deception: Who Plays The Fool?

Dayspring Church restaurant deception reached a peak yesterday when construction proved RIOC’s claims to be false. Hudson Related refuses to answer questions, and legitimate concerns are ignored. Why?

Dayspring Church undergoing exterior construction work.
Exterior construction is visible at the former Dayspring Church, apparently for conversion to a restaurant. No DOB permits are visible.

Why deception?

Red flags unfurled when word got out that Hudson Related planned to turn the former Dayspring Church into a restaurant.

We asked Hudson president David Kramer…

How do you plan to manage traffic through the Octagon parking lot, for example? Type of restaurant? When it will open…?

Email to David Kramer, President, Hudson Related
June 27th, 2019

Kramer did not answer.

And RIOC wasn’t much better. Really, they were worse.

In July and August, RIOC showed us that they can’t do anything about reckless biking on Main Street or freelancing real estate managers. Their reactions to Dayspring Church worries were a mess.

Visible construction at Dayspring Church
In July, after Dayspring’s eviction, visible repair work included new windows and fresh paint.

Based on the information provided by Lisa Management (and confirmed by PSD), work is only being done on Hudson property, therefore no permit from RIOC is required.

RIOC spokesperson
August 16th, 2019

Where to begin knocking down the nonsense…?

Let’s start with: There is no such thing as “Hudson property.”

RIOC assigns retail management to Hudson Related, which negotiates leases with business to RIOC property and, for the record, funnels some of the income to Trump’s reelection campaign.

“If they…encroach on RIOC property, then we require a permit,” RIOC added. “Hudson is clear on this.”


It’s all “RIOC property,” and as of yesterday, they encroached.

A little later, RIOC took another tactic: “…they did not need permits because there is no construction taking place at the church.”

That’s not true either.

Dayspring Church restaurant deception and why it matters…

Deception is a dead giveaway, and the big question is always, “Why?”

What is it they don’t want you to see?

According to a post in the Roosevelt Islander, Kramer told a RIOC committee in May that he “expects an announcement this week about the Dayspring Church space which has been marketed as a restaurant/events space.”

Kramer’s expected announcements may be even less reliable than actual announcements… Remember Onda, the Mexican restaurant said to open in 2017? How about the wine and snack bar? Kramer told the committee in May, it was likely to open by the end of summer… Check your calendars…

The bakery…?

The hardware store…?

And, Hudson Related, RIOC says, is “…also clear that anything that impacts pedestrian or traffic flow would also need to be rectified before any enterprise is allowed to open there.”

What needs to be fixed?

Except for a half-mile walk up the West Promenade, the only way to get to the restaurant Hudson Related wants built is straight through The Octagon’s parking lot. Residents use a side entrance into the area to get to buses, the sidewalk and the waterfront.

A narrow road without sidewalks connects the restaurant’s parking lot with the Octagon’s.

Octagon Parking Lot and side entrance
Under Hudson Related’s restaurant plan, The Octagon’s parking area, main and side entrances handle two way traffic with limited lighting.

And that narrow road now takes traffic from delivery vehicles, entry and exit for a daycare center, a community garden and the popular Octagon Park.

Adverse effects on quality of life are obvious, and the safety risks are huge.

What the hell are they thinking?

We don’t know. Hudson Related won’t answer, and RIOC is clueless.

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