When Gucci Goes Ugly, Up Against The Wall In New York City

When Gucci Goes Ugly, Up Against The Wall In New York City

Gucci goes ugly, an in your face blast, two crazy looking women painted on a walls in Soho. A mural decorated an otherwise undistinguished wall over a car lot.

By David Stone

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Gucci ad, Lafayette St., Soho. ©David Stone/Roosevelt Island Daily News

An ugly esthetic crept south of Houston, filling up a wall on Lafayette Street, just below Prince. What the hell kind of branding is this?

Have idiots taken over Madison Avenue?

What were they trying to prove?

You’re walking into the heart of Soho, and people are popping in and out of offbeat shops all along Lafayette. The area’s in transition. Some old Soho lingers amid the gentrification.

A old-style diner with menus slapped across the front… Cracked sidewalks and an outdoor parking lot gobbling up prime real estate.

And then, Gucci goes ugly

“Look at that!”


“Gucci’s got two giant women painted on the wall, and they’ve got their tongues stuck out like a couple of drunken loonies.”

Why would Gucci want to brand themselves like that?

Gucci: “A versatile slang term based on the luxury fashion brand meaning okay/good/great/awesome/fresh/etc. Originally used in the streets but now popularized by the masses. Sometimes abbreviated “gooch” if you’re an expert in its use. To be all Gucci is a wonderful thing indeed.”

The Urban Dictionary

Clearly, it’s a “That was then; this is now” thing.

And sort of stupid.

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