Black History Month on Roosevelt Island – Where did it go?

For as long as Black History Month has been a thing, Roosevelt Island shined a spotlight on it. The community came together, sharing values, honoring

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Eye-Catching Images from “Quilts,” RIVAA’s Black History Month Exhibit

The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association’s Black History Month Exhibit, Quilts, is now open, and president Tad Sudol supplies colorful samples of creations from the

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Black History Month: RIVAA Opens “Quilt” Exhibit This Saturday

The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) gets a head start on Black History Month with Quilt with free public reception on Saturday, January 23rd. Everyone is invited. Latest from Roosevelt Island Daily News

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1619 Project Truth Telling Draws A Crowd At Gallery RIVAA

The 1619 Project at RIVAA, an ambitious effort to better reflect the African-American experience in American history, lands on Roosevelt Island. It’s the theme for this year’s Black History Month exhibit at Gallery RIVAA.

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