What is brutalist architecture? A Roosevelt Island history

In my New York City neighborhood, brutalist architecture forms the residential foundation. Buildings planned and built in the 1970s were brutalist in design, a style

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Will An Imagined Carbon Sink Change Roosevelt Island?

A “carbon sink” now proposed for Roosevelt Island, if built, would change the community and New York architecture forever. But imagination can sometimes overwhelm resistance. By David Stone Roosevelt Island News Intro: Roosevelt Island Carbon Sink Think, if you can, about a 160-floor tower eating up Roosevelt Island, from the Queensboro Bridge to Four Freedoms

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Update: Is Macy’s Building A New Herald Square Skyscraper?

Macy’s Herald Square skyscraper moved closer to reality. It may rise as much as 950 feet above “The World’s Largest Store,” but maybe no more than 700. That’s still big, even for New York City.

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