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Are Narcissist Anxiety Attacks Common?


This question has caused a ruckus in the psychology community: Are narcissist anxiety attacks common, and if so, what causes them?

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When it comes to narcissism, there’s a paradox. On one hand, you have the classic narcissists, strutting their stuff with all the subtlety of a peacock in a penguin colony, as carefree as a kitten in a yarn factory.

But here’s where it gets as twisty as a soft pretzel doing yoga. Studies show that beneath that grandiose exterior, many narcissists are dealing with anxiety. Yes, you heard it right. It’s like finding out the class clown is secretly a chess champion.

It turns out, narcissists feel a constant need for social approval or attention, something known as ‘Narcissistic Supply’. And when they can’t control this need, anxiety rushes into the gap. It’s like being a stand-up comedian who’s afraid of crowds – not exactly an ideal situation.

So, are anxiety disorders common among narcissists? Yes, they can be.

But remember, like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two narcissists are the same. So, while some may struggle with anxiety, others might handle it well.

And as always, if you think you or someone else might be dealing with narcissism or anxiety, remind yourself that you’re not an expert. But you can find someone who is, someone who’s studied social disorders and knows how to deal with them.

A professional can help. They’re the real MVPs, after all.

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