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With the Track Fixation Project Beginning Now, Can Someone Please Help RIOC?


Tonight, August 11th, 2023, at 11:45 p.m., the first step in the 63rd Street Tunnel Fixation Project goes into place. Can you help RIOC? Lacking leadership, wandering in the dark, the bumbling state agency thinks its about the Tram.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

It’s a big step in the project designed to fix tracks running between 63rd Street and Queensbridge. And after fielding a storm of resident complaints, the MTA worked at making it as painless as possible.

This weekend starts the project, shutting down Manhattan-bound trains from Queens, Roosevelt Island right in the middle. Next weekend, there’s a shutdown in the opposite direction.

While the MTA suggests alternatives – Q102 buses, trips to Jamaica on one track, then back on the other – but does not plan shuttle buses.

Here’s where RIOC steps in. Or, really, doesn’t.

Help RIOC. Please.

Because it’s RIOC, the community expects a certain volume of miscues and screwups. When you answer only to Albany, not anyone local, it’s inevitable. But maybe not this time.

Here’s what they said…

“The MTA will be doing track work that will affect F-Train service for several weekends in August before the start of their major Track Replacement Project on August 28th. To help accommodate Roosevelt Island residents, RIOC’s Transportation Department will be providing a Shuttle Bus to and from Manhattan…”

But then, they added, “The shuttle will depart hourly from the Tramway.”

The reason someone must help RIOC is because they think shutting the F Train down calls for supplementing Tram service.

What’s needed is a shuffle helping out subway riders. Instead of battling traffic over the Queensboro Bridge, why not take the quicker, shorter, less congested route to Queens Plaza where multiple subway lines, including the F, will be operating all weekend?

But Then, There’s the Other Problem

“The Roosevelt Island Shuttle Bus to Manhattan will start Saturdays at 3:00 PM…”


Because no one at RIOC lives on the Island, it’s possible they think we all sleep past noon, and this gives us time for brunch before heading off in the world. Political patronage has never been known for recruiting geniuses.

And the shuttle runs for only four hours.


That’s not even enough for a single work shift.

So, for heaven’s sake, help RIOC. They need to understand that an agency that can afford to pay its CEO more than any governor in the United States, not to mention fantastic benefits, can afford a little cash for helping the people footing all their bills.

Come on, RIOC. You can do better than this.

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