3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working From Home


Relying on a work-from-home (WFH) arrangement can be convenient for many employees. That said, common mistakes happen in WFH settings that hinder productivity. Don’t worry—you can prep for those common issues now. Use this list to discover the top mistakes to avoid when working from home.

Improvising Your Setup

You may think that working from home means that you can complete tasks from anywhere in your home. You technically can do this, but should you? Even if you don’t have a room you can use for your home office, find a corner somewhere that allows you to install a desk, comfortable chair, and other essentials for your workday. Taking the time to build a productive WFH space makes it easy to organize your professional belongings and separate your workplace from your social space at home. Keeping these worlds separate ensures that you can immerse yourself in either your work life or your personal life whenever you need to.

Organization isn’t something you should overlook in a WFH setting, either. For example, one of the top tips for home office desk organization is to set up a filing drawer that optimizes security and productivity. It’s easy to lose workplace items at home if you don’t have a consistent, reliable storage system in place. The same principle applies to pens, notepads, and other items you use regularly for work.

Neglecting a Consistent Routine

Working from home means that you can wake up and immediately walk to your desk, so you can spend as much time in bed as possible. You shouldn’t feel bad if you do this, but it’s not a productive way to start the day. Building a consistent routine allows you to prepare for a more efficient workflow. Wake up with specific goals in mind to help you start the day off right.

Brew some coffee, relax, and get yourself ready for the day ahead. However you want to prepare, make it a productive time. Waking up and walking right to the workstation doesn’t give you time to build up the energy you need to get work done. Of course, everyone’s routine is different, so assess your daily plan and your workplace needs to find the perfect balance for you.

Forgetting Clear Communication

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when working from home is to be less available to your team. Since you’re at home and not with other employees, you may think you can take your time when replying. However, not paying attention to your communication platform is an issue. Prioritizing quick communication will ensure that you can work with your supervisor, co-workers, and anyone else you need to troubleshoot and complete other tasks during work hours.

With clear communication, an efficient setup, and a healthy routine, you can transition to a WFH setup successfully. Remember these tips if you want to prepare the best working environment at home.

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