Low Attendance at PSD “Engagements?” RIOC’s Solution – Treat Residents Like Unruly Brats

Low Attendance at PSD “Engagements?” RIOC’s Solution – Treat Residents Like Unruly Brats

It’s no secret that few resident show up for RIOC’s PSD “engagements.” They’re inadequate and staged only to gratify a promise board chair RuthAnne Visnauskas made under grilling by State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright. Now, RIOC solves the low-on-its-way-to-no attendance problem. Treating residents like children… no, unruly brats – is the answer.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

One longtime Roosevelt Islander put it succinctly: “Akeem (Jamal) & the others once again insult the community… Even Kevin (Chief Brown) or Anthony wouldn’t write something this disgusting.”

The PSD Engagements Advisory

It started out with the now routinely condescending tone. Restricted to a single hour, no matter what, the next meeting “…will be dedicated exclusively to discussing matters of public safety on the Island.”

That’s more like detachment than engagement. Don’t go too far over the heads of the out-of-towners in control.

But then, without explanation, they smacked Roosevelt Islanders’ collective wrists:

“To ensure the one-hour time period is maximized, attendees will be asked to follow the following meeting rules:

  1. Meeting host or designee will call on individuals who raise their hand with questions or comments;
  2. There will be no more than one individual speaking at a time;
  3. The use of profanity or aggressive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated;
  4. Questions or comments unrelated to public safety matters will not be allowed, considered, or addressed;

“Any individuals violating the meeting rules will be asked to leave and/or be subject to removal.”

Is this how you talk to adults concerned enough to show up for a controlled cover your ass session?

How To Make Friends Hate You

But the lordliness didn’t end there.

“The purpose of the public safety meeting is to have honest and real conversations about what is happening on the Island that impacts all who live, work, and invest in our Island community. While the meeting will be open to the public and all are invited to attend, we ask attendees to come prepared with their questions and present themselves fairly and respectfully.”

Interpretation: Don’t you brats hurt the feelings or your sensitive public safety leaders.

“…honest and real conversations…” WTF?

“…attendees…present themselves fairly?”


“We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!
“Team RIOC”

Nah, I don’t think so.

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