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3 Voices: best ways of building a strong relationship with the earth


By: David Stone

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Building a strong relationship with the earth means different things to different people, but it always means commitment, respect and love. Here are three thoughtful formulas for getting it done.

Building A Strong Relationship with the Earth: The Land

green trees
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When you clear a stand of trees, you own the land. But when you plant a new grove, the trees own you.

The roots reach out to suck up water and nutrients. The canopy forms a leafy ceiling that blocks the sun. And every year, the leaves fall like corpses strewn across your land (or, if you prefer less vivid imagery, like paper money blown all over your front yard).

You can prune and nurture the trees all you want, but sooner or later, they’ll put a stranglehold on your land.

Unless, that is, you cheat. You can chain saw the branches to the ground or dig up some of those roots. You can mow down whole forests—which is exactly what happened in China during the 1990s.

As a result, the Yellow River flooded repeatedly and farmland was caked with salt. The trees swallowed entire towns whole, forming artificial canyons that suddenly collapsed onto roads and railroad tracks.

If you’re not ready to destroy your new forest just yet, there are still ways of avoiding nature’s chokehold. You can keep out the water with dams, barricade yourself against the wind with tall fences or kill weeds before they grow.

But although you can force nature to submit to your will, what do you really gain? You’re like a man beating his horse out of spite instead of riding it for joy (a quote attributed to several German philosophers). You might gain temporary control over the land, but at what cost?

The better way is to treat nature as a partner. You can’t control it any more than you could command the sun and the moon to rise every morning or make a fish sing opera. But you can learn something from these mighty forces—just as you might learn from a coworker with magnetic charisma or a charismatic roommate.


The quest for knowledge leads to mastery over the elements, but it’s the last step in a much longer journey. Start by finding your place in nature. No one can tell you who you are, so you have to explore yourself through observation and reflection (as well as meditation). You’ll find that you are both stronger than nature and at its mercy. You are stronger because you can shape the land to your will; you are more vulnerable because, in mastering nature, you become subject to it.

The best way to live with nature is not just to battle it, but also to dream of ways that you might interact with it one day. One day, perhaps, you will be able to help trees grow and bend the land to your will.

That’s how people at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre approach their relationship with nature. These individuals have committed themselves not just to growing healthy forests or rescuing chimpanzees, but also to dreaming up ways they might use their unique skills and personalities to change the world in a way that benefits both humans and other species.

No matter what you do, you cannot control nature completely. But by learning its lessons—and remembering your place within it—you can find true harmony between yourself and the natural world.

Building A Strong Relationship with the Earth: Power

is this massive ocean of power, and we need to understand that.

And so how do we build a strong relationship with the earth?

We can do it through contact and grounding, which makes us feel one with the earth. It’s like you’re plugged into a socket and getting energy from Mother Earth herself! Of course, the best way to do this is through a connection with the earth itself.

The next best way is simply being inside nature. Getting out there and feeling its power all around you, going for walks in the woods…it’s so much more relaxing than just sitting inside your house or apartment watching TV or looking at screens. Being connected to the earth makes life so much more fulfilling.

The last thing is to just get back to basics, literally. Like spending time with Mother Earth will help more than being inside all the time, getting away from technology and using things that are “old school” makes you feel more connected to nature.

For example, if you want an old-school energy source for your home, check out the generators available at many locations. Get off the grid. They’re a great way to get back to basics and feel more connected with nature than ever before!

Connecting with Mother Earth can be an amazing experience, so what are you waiting for? Go outside and get in touch with her power today!

Building A Strong Relationship with the Earth: Knowing Yourself

A strong relationship with the earth is not just environmentally sound. It also connects you with nature’s most fundamental forces. This creates an essential embrace between you and everything else alive on the planet.

To have a good connection with the earth, you must take care of it—and to take care of it, you must understand it. Everything feels at one with the earth, and that’s a great way to be with others. But when others hurt themselves, they also hurt you.

To come closer to the earth, it helps to build a good relationship with yourself first—to find out what makes you happy and fulfilled in life. Giving yourself everything you need is the best way of taking care of the earth.

Another way to feel more love and develop a strong connection with the earth is through deep breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply makes it easier for the energy force, the chi, to flow throughout your body. This creates greater balance and harmony in your life. Anytime you want to strengthen your relationship with the earth, consider taking time to breathe deeply.

When you’re able to love yourself and feel more balanced, it’s easier for you to open your heart up. You can embrace everyone around you this way—including even strangers or people who do not immediately seem like the best candidates for loving relationships. Opening your heart allows nourishing, pure love to flow through you and out to everyone else.

You can feel your connection with the earth by caring for Mother Nature, but it helps even more if you take care of yourself first. Your happiness can spread outward in all directions—for example, inspiring others to love themselves even more than they already do. As long as you can care for yourself, you can more readily share your positive energy with the world at large.

Embracing happiness…

As you learn more about your relationship with the earth and everything else around you, embrace whatever makes you happy. As long as it’s not destructive to anyone or anything, let go of any fears that are holding back your happiness—this will allow greater love to flow through you, for yourself and the entire planet.

People often come together in groups to empower each other in their lives. You can also find your individual power when you feel deeply connected with the earth—that is, when your love fills the whole planet. This enables you to promote growth and change throughout everything alive in our world.

When you feel that your connection with the earth is strong, there’s nothing to fear. No matter how much you love the planet—and everyone and everything alive on it—the great power of nature can take care of itself. Love for yourself gives you even greater strength in all things.

Be sure to stay connected with the earth when you go about your day. When you feel good, everyone around you benefits from the nourishing energy that flows through you with such profundity. As long as you can love and care for yourself, there’s no limit to how much good you can do and how strong a connection with nature and everything alive on it you can develop.


The best ways of building a strong relationship with the earth are loving yourself and taking care of Mother Nature, knowing how much you are part of it.

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