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The Wandering Man, a thriller I couldn’t wait to get back to…


Tammany Hall controlled New York City Detective Doherty’s life revolves around the political machine. A case from years past is reopened, sending him on a chase for The Wandering Man through New York City and down many dead ends. Order today at!

The Wandering Man Terrence McCauley

The Wandering Man, a novel by award-winning author Terrence McCauley, is a 1930s detective thriller told in the first person by Doherty himself. Doherty is a detective secure in his position because he’s a “Tammany Man,” whose real role is as a blackhand for the chief of police. He is assigned to tracking down a man suspected of kidnapping and murdering at least twenty young men over ten years. It’s a cold case that sends him all over New York in furious pursuit of The Wandering Man.

Through precise, descriptive writing, McCauley transports readers to 1930s New York City, where they’ll follow Doherty on his quest to track down one of the most notorious serial killers in history. With its gritty setting and fast-paced plot, the book takes readers crossing paths with Babe Ruth, Tammany Hall bosses, a wild-eyed, retired detective hiding out in New Jersey and the backrooms of Harlem bars.

Note: When I first met Terrence McCauley, he toiled at writing public relations copy for an operation not nearly as good as his talents. As a reporter, I was banned – by Terrence – from mentioning his award-winning novels lest the news bedevil jealous rivals.

I was delighted when he walked out on that job – or maybe it was more of an escape. In any case, I’m even happier recommending this terrific thriller, a page turner I couldn’t wait to get back to every time I set it down.

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