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How to find out the age of your cat


Did you know that there are a lot of different ways to tell the age of your cat? In this blog post, we will discuss three methods that you can use to determine how old your cat is. The first method uses teeth, the second relies on body type and weight, and the third involves looking at their eyesight. Which one do you think would be best for determining an approximate age? Let’s take a look.

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Honestly, determining the exact age of your cat is usually impossible. Few land in our homes with birth certificates or any other kind of ID. As a result, we rely on a variety of methods for teasing out the information, and best you can hope for is a good general idea. And that’s enough for making decisions about food and overall health.

Here are three ways. Use one or another or all three, and you should have the answers you need.

Teeth Method

The first method for determining the age of your cat involves looking at their teeth. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation states that “the color and appearance of a cat’s gums roughly correspond with its age.” After you have adopted your new feline, take note of how dark or light their gums are in comparison to the rest of their mouth. If the gums are pale, your cat is likely less than a year old; if they are pink, your cat is around one to three years old; and if they are dark red or black, your cat is more than four years old. This may not be the most accurate way to determine your cat’s age,

Your Cat’s Age Method #2  

The second way to find out how old your cat is by looking at their body weight and type. The Humane Society of the United States states that cats who are thin, bony, or weak probably aren’t older than five years old; those with a bit more weight on them might be between six to ten years old; and if your pet has “plump” muscles and joints, they are likely more than ten years old. This is not an exact science, but it can give you a general idea of how old your cat might be.

Eyesight Method

The third way of finding out how old your cat is looking at their eyesight. According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association, cats develop their “adult” eye color at around six months old. After you have adopted your new feline, take a look at their eyes and see what color they are. If they are blue, the cat is likely less than a year old; if green, the cat is between one to two years old; and if amber or gold, the cat is more than three years old. This might be the most accurate way to tell how old your cat is, but it’s also quite subjective and can change over time.

What method did you use to determine the age of your pet? Did you like this blog post about determining a cat’s age? Share with all of your feline-loving friends!

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  1. Pretty cool post!
    Most of the kits who have adopted me have been little wee things that end up on my front or back porch and yell for me/food/attention. I live in the country, so it’s easy to think these little ones were dropped off, but I really don’t think so. One had been seen at various neighbors houses (and we live far apart) before landing at my house, another appeared in broad daylight after having been sighted almost two miles away the day before. My conclusion is that THEY KNOW WHO TO GO TO! They know who will sigh and take them in because, well, what else is one to do? So these three I currently have (and God help me if more show up! I’ll have to move!) came as little one and a half/two pounders, easy to guess their age of course. Can you imagine? When I finally was able to get close (after feeding for days), and got each of them to my vet, they weighed in at these miniscule weights. It was both awesome and heartbreaking to bring them into the fold. Such tiny things fending for themselves and doing it so valiantly and well.
    When I say I live in the country, I do mean: no street lights, lots of woods, neighbors around but distant, and PREDATORS around, like hawks, eagles, and ground predators. These little kittens made it through all of that– just to come and adopt ME!!
    They are now 9yrs old, 2 yrs old and 1.5 yrs old. I adore them and they make me crazy to boot. I’m in the process of researching catios because I don’t let them out, but I want them to have as much ‘outside’ as I can so they’re stimulated.
    So in my case? It was easy to determine age: teeny things all showing up between 6-8wks old. What I found interesting with kittens is that while they each have their unique personalities, there are specific developmental stages, along with teeth/gum analysis, that a vet uses to determine age. Kittens have their own thing going on.
    I will, going forward though, keep in mind these tips from this post. Cats are still the most abandoned domestic animal out there and sadly, many will not have the great fortune of finding a home. I would LOVE to adopt an adult who needs a home! So if one finds me, he/she will stay and I’ll have a good idea of age as I analyze as this post suggests.
    Thanks for posting!

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