Good news now: The reindeer herd at the Tram Plaza has not been culled…


As we reported earlier, RIOC’s holiday decorating team planned on culling the reindeer herd in the Tram Plaza, from five to four. But in reality, they went the other way. There are now six “healthier” reindeer chewing the grass near the RIHS Kiosk.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Not Culling the Reindeer Herd

Roosevelt Island Holiday Decorations
2019’s herd of five reindeer. RIOC’s contractor said they’d have to cut back to four.

Winning what RIOC said was a competitive bid, their partner, The Neave Group, said they would reduce the decorating done in years before. But since our report came out, they’ve had a change of heart.

Today, we counted six fresh reindeer grazing in the Tram Plaza, and they were noticeably healthier.

Roosevelt Island Tram Plaza, November 2021.

These are the kinds of changes we like. RIOC retains all credit for improvements for themselves. That’s okay. We’re just happy we were able to help.

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