Just asking — Does anyone clean the Island anymore?

Just asking — Does anyone clean the Island anymore?

Does anyone clean the Island anymore? Outdoor maintenance has looked pretty shabby lately and generates regular complaints. Including this one…

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Clean the Island, please… if you’re not too busy.

“I was just wondering if anyone cleans the island anymore,” a reader wrote.

“Roosevelt Island looks neglected, and It is dirtier and dirtier every day. It is really so sad to see this.

“Yesterday I saw this guy that looks like he’s hired to clean up. I was happy to see him thinking, We will have again a clean area…

But guess what, he just stopped near one of the benches to check his phone and then walked away with his bucket and broom that never touched the ground,” she continued.

Days, if not weeks, of debris and weeds ignored by RIOC.

“Unfortunately you see more and more places like these. Is anyone in charge with checking how the cleaning of the island is done? Or this is a job done remotely from home?

“It makes me sad to see our beautiful island so grossly neglected. I’ve lived on the island for many years, and I think this is the worst I’ve seen it.”

Really. Does anyone clean the Island anymore?

Maybe Public Safety isn’t the only crew that quit working.

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