The beat goes on (and on), more maskless Red Bus riders ignored by RIOC…

The beat goes on (and on), more maskless Red Bus riders ignored by RIOC…

A concerned resident, yesterday, reported yet another maskless Red Bus rider ignored by RIOC’s driver. Locally, the beat goes on as Delta virus threats rise.

By David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Two days later, more maskless passengers put their neighbors at risk while ultra passive RIOC refuses getting involved.

There are growing questions over what it will take for RIOC to care enough to deal with bus drivers unwilling to act. And an expensive Public Safety Department unwilling to get involved with, well, the biggest threat to public safety in a generation.

As if emphasizing the growing threat, Major League Baseball, on Friday, cancelled a big draw game between the Yankees and Red Sox.

The cause? A COVID-19 outbreak on a team already more than 85% vaccinated.

But it didn’t wake up RIOC.

July 16th, RIOC Red Bus. Photo credit: Anonymous.

But RIOC still refuses to take the disease seriously. In spite of claims to the contrary, drivers ignore maskless Red Bus riders, endangering other passengers.

Our readers previously stressed the threat for children, many of them not yet vaccinated and those under 12 not yet qualified. But appeals fell on deaf ears with the state agency.

The beat goes on. Who’s next?

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