Spotted on Main Street: A New Red Bus Trend


A new Red Bus trend, spotted by a vigilant Roosevelt Islander who prefers being anonymous… Maskless and shoeless and a clear sign of RIOC’s continuing negligence in the time of COVID.

Last week, we showed how RIOC endangered residents, especially children, refusing to enforce its own and the states rules about masks on public transit. But there’s been no change.

A rider observed yesterday, not just maskless, but also shoeless. Is it a new Red Bus trend?

But, look closely, it’s even worse than it appears at first.

As this enlarged detail shows, RIOC’s posted guidance is ridiculously out of date, left hanging for over a year.

Times change, but RIOC doesn’t. They don’t even care enough to post current advice, let alone encourage mask wearing and social distancing. Both are absent from the ancient poster.

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