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Esther Yang for 76th Assembly District Leader, Part A


It’s not for everyone, but Esther Yang is well suited for the job of District Leader. She’s running for that post, representing the 76 Assembly District, Part A. But what is it anyway? And why is it right for her?

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Why Esther Yang as District Leader?

The most obvious reason is the one voters are least likely to know about. District leaders are unpaid elected officials, emphasis on “unpaid.” That is, unlike others, district leaders are in it for the mission. They are volunteers, committed to the party’s cause.

“I personally am asking for your vote to make our neighborhood better,” she says.

That neighborhood means the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. She’s not a stranger in either as her remarkable energy and drive sends her volunteering everywhere.

Esther Yang District Leader

District leaders are expected to staff poll sites, assist in the selection of judicial nominees, help facilitate the party’s activity within their district and influence policies/structure of their local county committee.

Esther Yang earned her endorsements. Roosevelt Island activist Joyce Short has muscled support Yang.

So far…

Esther Yang is a mom, judicial delegate, once named ,”New Yorker of the Week” by NY1 for her work with children. Creator of bully-free zones in public schools, she’s served as a community organizer/advocate for 20 years.

Yang is, also, a health and wellness advocate and educator, teaching yoga, karate and meditation in schools and colleges.

She’s the author of Love Yourself, the Heck with Everyone Else and guest speaker on Mind Body Medicine at Cornell Medical School. During the pandemic, she developed recipes using 5 ingredients in under 20 minutes.

Where to vote for Esther Yang as District Leader

Early voting starts Saturday, June 12th, and continues until June 20th at the Met on 5th Avenue and Roosevelt Island Sportspark, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. For Election Day, June 22nd, check here for your regular voting place.

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