NYC Coronavirus, Now, High COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Plus a Milestone

NYC Coronavirus, Now, High COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Plus a Milestone

On Sunday, Governor Cuomo opened up eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines, bringing a mad rush for signing up. But along with high demand, there was an important, positive milestone.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

As we reported, back in December, vaccination resistance would evaporate fast once supplies became available. And scarce.

That proved true when, effective February 14th, Cuomo expanded the eligibility list, adding a long list of pre-existing conditions. Like a thunderstorm cut loose, demand quickly flooded past capacity. Over half of New Yorkers — 11 million — are now eligible, and there is nowhere near that amount of vaccine around or on the way.

As of midday Sunday, around a half-million people hit the state site and went through eligibility screening. They reported 73,000 appointments booked before noon. The twist, of course, is that New York is chronically short on vaccines.

The supply is so limited, Duane Reade/Walgreens will not even consider preexisting conditions for qualifying requests, sticking to the 65 age limit only.

The milestone?

By Sunday, New York City accumulated more total vaccinations, 690,000, than total reported cases since the start of the pandemic: 658,000. We’re moving fast, if not fast enough to match demand.


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