Cold Winter Morning Rises Dark, East River, New York City


A winter morning in New York City slowly releases its grip. On short days, 5:00 a.m. barely pulls itself from night toward day. But day begins anyway as people rise to meet the dark.

Fine Art Photography by Deborah Julian

In this fine art print, Deborah Julian points her lens at poetic details in the early hours of mid-winter. It’s Roosevelt Island in New York City, and the East River comes up, flowing in steely darkness.

5:00 a.m., Winter Morning, East River, NYC, © Deborah Julian, 8 1/2 X 11-Inch Giclee Print

A light layer of fresh snow defines a balcony, and just below, a woman rises, silhouetted by artificial light.

A tugboat pushes a barge toward Long Island Sound, cutting the gray-blue surface of the East River.

Picturing a winter morning in New York City

Photographer Deborah Julian is best known for unique urban shots and a colorful commitment to storytelling.

Here, the crisp elements of predawn leave open tales of before and after. Beautiful artistry is not created, but it’s discovered in the real-life style of street photography.

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