Your “In the Moment” Moment Isn’t What You Think It Is

There’s a popular saying that goes, “The present moment is all you have.” But what does that really mean? And more importantly, how can you

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Biocentrism: The Most Important Book of the 21st Century

Biocentrism, Robert Lanza‘s eye’s-wide-opening dive into explaining reality hardly covers all the bases or avoids controversy. But its deft reliance on how individual intelligence creates

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Dream Within A Dream, Reality Phases In, Dashes Out

A literal dream within a dream, fanciful play, reality phases in and dashes back out. Personal tuning’s at the wheel. No one does it like anyone else… And now, we know it might be even zanier.

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A Million Different Things… And Night, The Endless Story

That’s what life is, you know, a ramble. I changed my thinking a while back about how all that apparent motion goes. Like most, I’ve thought of my life’s course as passing along a trail, following a thread with a lengthening segment left behind. Over time, we meet others, read books, smell flowers, sing songs,

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Going Home Illusions: Can What Was Broken Now Be Fixed?

About Going Home Illusions… There must once have been at least a jiffy of wholeness, a twinkle in the cohesion of seamless belonging. Every cell may contain the residues in its universal library. Our desire to rejoin seasons every step, pushing against the gravity of reason. It’s a contest engaged in that fateful instant when

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