Heads up! The cardiovascular secrets of giraffes

  Because of their height, giraffes require scarily high blood pressures — yet they escape the massive health problems that plague people with hypertension. Can

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The enduring allure of conspiracies

Reset Conspiracy theories seem to meet psychological needs and can be almost impossible to eradicate. One remedy: Keep them from taking root in the first place. By Greg Miller 1.14.2021 Assorted Ideas, Large & Small The United States of America was founded on a conspiracy theory. In the lead-up to the War of Independence, revolutionaries

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Virtual agents of change: How computers are mapping Covid-19’s future

Traffic planners, securities traders and military strategists all use it. Simulating the behavior of millions of idiosyncratic individuals also may be the best way to understand complex phenomena like pandemics.

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Marvelous misunderstood mistletoe

Best known as a holiday trimming, the parasitic plant is a botanical luminary in its own right. Research suggests it may give as much as it receives from the flora and fauna around it. By Rachel Ehrenberg 12.18.2020 Some plants are so entwined with tradition that it’s impossible to think of one without the other.

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How men can ‘lean in’ on behalf of women

Opinion OPINION: Women have been pulled away from their jobs during the pandemic. Here’s what they need right now from male allies in the office. By W. Brad JohnsonBy David G. Smith 12.10.2020 Men who thought the Covid-19 “she-cession” was misnamed should take a look at the recent figures from the US Bureau of Labor

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Scratching away: The complexities of chronic itch

Itching has myriad causes and mechanisms, many of which remain elusive. Scientists are making headway on parsing its biological underpinnings, in hope of better treatments. By Katherine Harmon Courage 11.6.2020

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