“You can tell a lot about a man…” Cat Art Print


Our “You can tell a lot about a man…” cat art print is a 8 1/2 X 11 inch giclee printed on museum quality paper. Digital artwork by Deborah Julian. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.


Our “You can tell a lot about a man…” cat art print is a 8 1/2 X 11 inch giclee on museum quality paper. Artwork by Deborah Julian. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.

The idea behind this is that cats are perceptive and can give you good guidance about the man who cares for him or her. A longtime favorite gift for men whose cats are crazy about them.

All prints shipped USPS within 48 hours of your order, sealed in clear plastic with sturdy backing. 100% guaranteed with full refund.

About Men and Cats

When it comes to men and cats, there is some sort of special connection between the two. Some may argue that men are simply more drawn to cats because they are self-sufficient and independent, requiring less attention than dogs or other animals.

Others suggest that there is something inherently feline about men themselves – perhaps a certain gracefulness or even a mischievous streak.

Whatever the reason, it seems that certain men and cats always seem to find a way to connect with each other, maybe just through lazy afternoons lounging on the couch.

And for men who love cats as much as they love their own freedom and independence, there can be no better match than this perfect combination of man and beast. Men and felines were simply meant to be together!


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