Walk New York City as an 8 1/2 X 11 inch giclee print on archival Epson paper. FREE SHIPPING.

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“For Walk New York City, I grabbed shot  from a busy street corner beneath a new tower under construction. All the dynamics of walking around Manhattan converged on a single corner. Here in 2021, it’s a throwback to better times of busy sidewalks and crowds of visitors.
“The Walk signs filled in the blanks for street photography. They gave my action photo a title.”
If you look closely, you see graffiti on rectangular posters nailed to the construction fences brings a humorous touch to the congestion and confusion .
Walk New York City as an 8 1/2 X 11 inch giclee print on archival Epson paper. Deborah Julian makes all of her own prints and signs on the white border at the bottom of the image or on the reverse.
Shipped United States Postal Service, Priority Mail. Free shipping for all orders in the U.S.
100% satisfaction guarantee. Full refund or replacement, if you aren’t satisfied.
“When I go out in the city with my camera, I take a lot of pictures. Most of them get deleted. I look for an interesting scene. If there’s something funny about it, that’s a bonus. This one was found during a midday flood of pedestrians of every height, weight and nationality. It’s not just a story of different people going about their business in a hurry, but peacefully, but also a quick look at daily life at the center of our largest city.

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