Between Two Universes Brooklyn Fine Art Photography Print


Buy Deborah Julian’s Between Two Universes Fine Art Photography Print as an 8 1/2 X 11 giclee. Artist: Deborah Julian. Signed. FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

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Buy Deborah Julian‘s BETWEEN UNIVERSES IN BROOKLYN NYC SUBWAY PRINT as an 8 1/2 X 11 giclee. Finished on museum quality, archival Epson paper. Signed. FREE SHIPPING in the United States. 

Shipped United States Postal Service. Sealed in a clear plastic envelope. Cardboard backing prevents bending or wrinkles.

All sales 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Unhappy with anything about your artwork, full refund or replacement, your call.

Our Between Universes  in Brooklyn NYC Subway Print accents contrasts in fine art photography in a station beneath swank Brooklyn Heights.

It shows the harsh dichotomy of two New Yorks, one of them above ground, the other below.

Just a few feet above this gritty terrain, an upscale neighborhood goes about its business, only a few steps but countless miles away.

New Yorkers see these radical divisions so frequently they often go unnoticed.

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All the boroughs in New York City have places where polished cosmopolitan communities abut areas of far less affluence. Sometimes the subways are the most clear example as you go from rich and well-kept to poor and filthy in just a few steps.


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