Alfama District Lisbon Portugal


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Alfama District Lisbon Portugal is an 8 1/2 X 11-inch giclee print on archival paper. Signed by the photographer. Deborah Julian ships directly from her workshop, using the United States Postal Service. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.

About Alfama District Lisbon Portugal
Walking in the old Alfama district, you see history lingering in modern-day Portugal. The Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest surviving neighborhood, an ancient fishing village left standing when an earthquake wiped out the rest of the city in 1755.

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Narrow, curving streets climb up hills over the Rio Tejo, the country’s longest river. It soon empties into the Atlantic. The plan was laid out before cars and trucks required broader, straighter streets and left room for walking and congregating. Symbolizing a vanishing history, a single man with a cane makes his way down the hill.

Photographer Deborah Julian makes all of her own prints on Archival Epson Paper. She signs them on the white border beneath the image or on the back.


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