On the Move Again – Fall for Arts 2023 Gets a Sunday Date

On the Move Again – Fall for Arts 2023 Gets a Sunday Date

It never happened before, but a complete washout of the Fall for Arts Festival 2023 threatens. Current forecasts for Saturday’s re-scheduled opening call for a third straight day of clouds and showers in the morning. We learned later that it’s hobbled by something worse.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

UPDATE October 5th: With rain in the forecast for the third straight Saturday, RIOC has bumped Fall for Arts one day forward to Sunday, October 8th.

UPDATE October 2nd, 2023: Something in RIOC’s advisory about the latest rainout caught our attention: “If you are one of the artists selected for this year’s event but cannot make the new date, please reach out to RIVAA Gallery at submissions@rivaagallery.org as soon as possible to let festival organizers know.

Was it possible? Were our worst suspicions accurate? We checked with our sources…

Yes, RIOC is, once again – make that twice – a Trump-like cheapskate with the Roosevelt Island community.

Although RIOC, the state agency that never gets it wrong, laid the burden of organizing and overseeing Fall for Arts for the last two years on RIVAA, they have not compensated them with a single dime, either year.

For RIVAA, the community comes first, assuring that Fall for Arts continues. As for RIOC… well, you know, when a small operation pays its CEO more than Governor Hochul, what can you expect? They’re values are clear.

UPDATE September 29th, 2023: RIOC has rescheduled Fall for Arts 2023 until October 7th, now two weeks after the original because of bad weather. It’s a smart move, but…wait for it… October 7th is the only day after Saturday with a forecast for rain. If accurate, that’ll make three Saturdays in a row.

Are the gods toying with us?

The annual Fall for Arts Festival, already severely shrunken from years past, took a serious blow from the weather last weekend. Rain forced a move to a rain date this Saturday, September 30th.

But with showers again in the forecast, RIOC has not released any plans for a cancelation or a rain date.

With sunny skies and warmer air on tap for Sunday, it stands as a possible emergency rain date.

Cross your fingers that RIOC, despite severe staff shortages, comes up with some answers today.

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