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Flash Poll: How Well Have the MTA and RIOC Helped During the Track Fixation Shutdown?


In this Flash Poll, including follow-ups, we’re looking for your immediate reactions to how well the MTA and RIOC have handled the transportation challenges at the start of the Track Fixation Project. Polling will last for exactly one week. We anticipate follow-up polls as the project wears on and the state agencies have time to adjust with new solutions.

Polling by The Roosevelt Island Daily News

As with all Roosevelt Island Daily polls, your vote is entirely confidential, although bulk results will be available. We will not know your identity.

In addition, we will offer you a chance to share your thoughts and how they affect your vote. So, what are you waiting for?


How do you feel about the alternatives being offered during the first week of shutdowns associated with the 63rd Street Track Fixation Project?

Share your thoughts…

One response to “Flash Poll: How Well Have the MTA and RIOC Helped During the Track Fixation Shutdown?”

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Follow Up Polls

How has RIOC done?

What about the MTA?

Thank you for participating in this poll.

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