Limited Tickets Available for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible at MSTDA Teen Theatre


Starting Friday evening, Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance’s Teen Theatre takes on The Crucible, an American classic. This is no lighthearted romp for kids. It’s challenging for both audience and the actors, based on a harrowing period in American history. Details below.

Director Jacqueline Lucid decided to take the challenge after a successful run of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime in 2022.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

After the 8:00 p.m. Friday premier, MSTDA hosts three more performances, including a Saturday matinee. Check for times and ticket availability here.


Safiatou Balde, Hannah Block, Oliver Bromberg, Arthur Cornelis, Camille Cornelis, Gael Curutchet-Ziv, Cayce Davis, Ruby Descoteaux, Abigail Doran-Novak, Lucie Gallagher, Ben Gillespie, Victoria Gorain, Lily Kalb, Sonia Kranich, Eoin McGonagle, Lincoln Nicoloff, Sophia Pinzari, Rachel Remor, Isaiah Sadlier, Liam Sadlier, Sienna Schott, James Starace, Luca Starace, Katana Stoops and Amelia Ward

Director: Jacqueline Lucid

A Timeless Classic: The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Written by the renowned American playwright, Arthur Miller, The Crucible is a timeless classic of the stage and screen. This hauntingly powerful play is based on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and is set in colonial Massachusetts. The Crucible has endured as one of the most popular plays ever produced.

The Power of Arthur Miller’s Writing

The first thing that stands out about The Crucible is the writing. Not only does Miller capture the language and tone of colonial Massachusetts perfectly, but he also manages to cast a critical eye on society today. He makes no bones about his opinion that even centuries later, there are still people who seek to use fear and suspicion to manipulate others. This timelessness is one of the main reasons why The Crucible remains so relevant even today.

Miller also uses complex characters in order to illustrate his themes and underscore his points. We see this, especially in John Proctor’s struggle between doing what’s right and doing what’s convenient for him. His conflict reflects our own struggles between our conscience and our desires, making it easier for us to relate to him as an audience member or reader.

The Impact of Performance

The Crucible can be read in book form but it really comes alive on stage or screen. When performed correctly—with actors who understand their characters—it can leave its audience spellbound with its raw power and emotion. As such, it has been adapted numerous times into films, operas, ballets, musicals, radio plays and more.

“I thought they were ready to delve into a completely different genre,” Lucid says of her cast. “A 20th Century provocative drama by a preeminent American playwright in the trappings of a period piece…

“And they are delving! I’m so proud of their work.”

Whether you watch it on stage or read its pages on your living room couch, The Crucible will never fail to please you with its powerful message and timeless themes. It is no surprise that this amazing piece of art has endured for decades now—and will continue to do so for many years more.



General Admission: $20.00

Senior: $15.00

Student: $15.00

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