Vote with Your Friends. Nov. 8th, Re-Elect Rebecca Seawright for NYS Assembly


Re-elect Rebecca Seawright for another term in the New York State Assembly. Vote for her not only because all your Roosevelt Island friends will, but also because she’s one of the community’s best friends.


The Roosevelt Island Daily News

One of the most remarkable things about Assembly Member Seawright is her magical ability to be everywhere at the same time. No matter what’s going on in the district, she’s there. Whether it’s Roosevelt Island Day or art in Carl Schurz Park, you can’t count on seeing her strolling through.

She talks with everyone who approaches, but more importantly, she listens.

Vote with Your Friends on Election Day!

Re-Elect Rebecca Seawright for State Assembly.

But What Does a New York State Assembly Member Do?

New York State Assembly members are responsible for representing the residents of their districts in the state legislature.

They introduce and vote on bills, debate on the floor of the Assembly, and work with their colleagues to develop legislation.

In addition to their legislative duties, New York State Assembly members also serve on committees where they investigate issues and oversee the work of state agencies. They also play an important role in constituency service, working to resolve constituents’ problems and connect them with government resources.

Seawright joined with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President Wendy Hersh at the unveiling of the FDR Hope Memorial.

New York State Assembly members play a vital role in shaping the future of New York state.

Specifically for Roosevelt Islanders in the current legislative session, Seawright partnered with Senator José Serrano in passing legislation tightening resident control of the RIOC board.

Separately, the Legislature also approved a separate bill sponsored by Seawright and Serrano to require the corporation’s Chief Executive Officer to reside on the island. A non-resident CEO would be required to relocate to the island within one year of appointment.

Both bills further long-sought goals of Island activists.

On Roosevelt Island Day in 2021, Seawright visited with legendary congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

Re-Elect Rebecca Seawright Because

The incumbent has crusaded for equal rights since her first day in Albany. She’s been a leader in the move to have the Equal Rights Amendment enshrined in the Constitution.

As an intern for Sarah Weddington, the remarkable attorney who won Roe v. Wade before the U.S. Supreme Court, Seawright values the right to abortion in a personal way. She and Weddington remained close friends until Weddington’s death late in 2021.

She will keep that fight going too.

Seawright brought Mayor Eric Adams to Roosevelt Island for a first-ever listening session and his first ride on the Tram.

Re-elect Rebecca Seawright because she is one of a kind. Her concern, experience and smarts benefit the Roosevelt Island community every day.

Send her back for more good work.

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