Repeat Offender: Maskless Passengers and the Driver Joins In

Repeat Offender: Maskless Passengers and the Driver Joins In

Repeat Offender: It’s 3:00 p.m., and Tram riders exit and board a Red Bus. A half-dozen or so sit in plain view without face masks. At the subway stop, four more board, walking straight past the silent driver, a box of free face masks beside him. The whole story wasn’t clear for a while.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Riders, apparently tourists arriving by Tram without face masks, freely boarded a Red Bus and rode it the length of its route.

Just yesterday, we reported on RIOC’s ongoing failure to protect Tram riders from maskless passengers. That followed a complaint earlier in the month, but rudderless RIOC has multiple repeat offenders.

As the bus cruised up Main Street, it passed four barely active Public Safety officers. None boarded for a check nor did the driver request help. With so little supervision apparent within RIOC operations and, of course, no messaging of any kind, it’s all for themselves.

My curiosity rose and I weighed asking the driver why he left compliant residents at the mercy of maskless passengers. Omicron variants are surging across the city, and you’d think…

But no, RIOC’s reckless disregard for public safety’s at a new low. But it’s even worse than you think…

As I went to the front of the bus, I saw the driver and understood the problem. He was not wearing a face mask himself, although he had one pulled down to his chin.

And making RIOC’s negligence worse, it was the same guy we reported, with a photo, last August, doing the same damn thing. And, then as now, getting away with it.

Residents foot the bill for over 20 six figure salaries here, but we have a hard time finding any one of them working for us.

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