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D Train Dreaming, NYC Subway Fine Art Photography Print


D Train Dreaming as an 8 1/2 X 11 inch giclee, printed by the photographer, Deborah Julian, and signed on the white border. Free Shipping in the U.S.

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D Train Dreaming Fine Art Photography Print by Deborah Julian

Gritty, realistic beneath the street photography for your wall, a scene from New York City’s underground world of hard surfaces and dreams of escape. A gift of urban art for you or your friend.

Carving fine art angles, street photography underground, an anonymous woman passes a forgettable platform on one more NYC subway train, time to kill with dreams. In the alienating rush of city life, one escape is always available.

The geometric angles of the subway platforms couple with the many ways people cope with the phenomena of loneliness in a crowd is fascinating. If you watch people on the trains, you can imagine a universe of stories about where they are going and what brought them here. The industrial rawness of the system exposes them in unexpected ways.

You can spend hours watching people on the subways, taking pictures. The scenes vary with all the people. What makes it hard to do is not just the noise and filth of the New York City subways, but the sadness and boredom of so many people you see there.

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