UPDATE: NYC Ferry suspends service again at Roosevelt Island Landing


Again today, at rush hour, NYC Ferry said service was suspended at the Roosevelt Island Landing. While the service is pricey and dependent on tax dollars, some critical issues need better fixes.

by David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily thanks reader Sylvan Klein for the tip.

UPDATE: February 9th, 7:30 a.m. NYC Ferry to Roosevelt Island remains closed.

There’s a history

Empty NYC Ferry.

Why is NYC Ferry constantly cancelling trips?

A review of the ferry’s recent notices has revealed that piers were closed 47 days in a six-month span, more than one every other four days. This happens despite regular maintenance work being done. The issues that caused 35 out of 50 closing were generically described in social media posts as “mechanical,” accounting for 70%.

Ten cases were due to “extremely high winds,” and all boat service stopped during a winter storm.

Who’s in charge?

The city’s Economic Development Corporation oversees Hornblower’s private water transportation service.

“NYC Ferry is a complex network of vessels and landings subject to severe weather conditions, which are monitored at all times and maintained with ongoing inspections and repairs when needed,” said EDC spokesman Brian Zumhagen in a statement.

“Weather-related outages are considered important operational decisions that place safety first. With this said, NYC Ferry regrets disruptions to service, and in each instance, our operations teams have moved as quickly as possible to repair any issues,” the rep added.

The costly transit operation was a pet project of former-Mayor Bill de Blasio, who sent $23 million in funds to keep it afloat this year. The City reported that he did so at the end of last year following months with sunken ridership due COVID 19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Roosevelt Island Landing remains closed. During a closure in January, service was out for four days. Let’s hope for better, this time. We will keep you updated.

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