“Looking To 2021,” A New Group Art Exhibit Now At Gallery RIVAA

On Saturday, December 5th, 2020, the artist collective RIVAA opened a fresh new exhibit, Looking To 2021 and a brighter future. The art will outlast COVID-19.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

Roosevelt Island‘s resilient art community bounces back with an inspiring exhibit of new art in Looking To 2021. Its spirits are high and geared for brighter days ahead in 2021.

Here’s a sampling of what RIVAA‘s artists offer for your senses.

All photos by Tad Sudol, Gallery RIVAA.

Gifted guest artist Isabel Franklin’s appreciation: A Dog’s Life catches the spirit of animals we love.
Tony Vita at Looking To 2021 at Gallery RIVAA
Tony Vita’s surrealist works break molds, and he does it again in Looking To 2021.
A village scene by Dan Nistor anchored in the geometry of small towns.
Tayo Amole, Looking to 2021
Tayo Amole gives us an abstract design, and it sends eyes on a brain-run, racing for cohesion among lively colors.
Photo by Anne Marie Dannenberg, Looking to 2021 at RIVAA
Anne-Marie Dannenberg’s art loves texture, and here, it shows in a water color-like wash of branches and leaves.

More images carrying minds into a next season…

Ioan Popoiu pairs fanciful, but familiar images from his palette for Looking To 2021.
Guest Artist Isabel Franklin, Mother with Child at Looking To 2021
Mother With Child is another treasure by guest artist Isabel Franklin.
Jim Pignetti is a RIVAA veteran, and his geometric figure afloat in pink shows off his gifts.
Vivid in tone and color, Laura Hussey’s painting extends her theme of earthy women for Looking To 2021 at RIVAA.
Guest artist Chris Kelly squares up a color rich set of painted forms.
Looking To 2021: Toshiko Kitano Groner at RIVAA
In recent years, Toshiko Kitano Groner experiments with design, and in Looking To 2021, she scales up in complexity.

We continue our virtual stroll through Looking To 2021 at RIVAA

Eliza Olszewska, an imaginary portrait, by Piotr Olszewski.
At Looking To 2021, guest artist Chris Kelly remakes a corner beautifully with grace at Gallery RIVAA.
Tony Vita again draws us in, to a mind-bending dip into imagination.
REFLECT: Tad Sudol, Looking To 2021 at RIVAA.
Tad Sudol gives us an object, asking us to get lost in reflection.
A painting by Natasha Landau vividly inserts cautious play in an uncertain cityscape.

Looking To 2021 RIVAA Conclusion

The COVID year 2020 has been unlike anything seen before across the globe, but locally, the community resilience has been there. RIVAA’s artists and special guests prove our foundations strong while, at the same time, pointing us in the right direction.

That is, forward.

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