Digging In: American Dharma Takes On Insane Steve Bannon

American Dharma, a film by Errol Morris, dives deep into the mind of Steve Bannon and finds him insane. YRB scores the interview.

By David Stone

Errol Morris’s American Dharma may be the most important film you’ll never see. Not only has COVID-19 darkened countless screens, the movie is also poison to distributors.

In a wide-ranging interview, YRB magazine’s editor-in-chief Jonn Nubian gathers insights from the filmmaker.

Documentary filmmaker Errol Thomas talks Steve Bannon and American Dharma. Photo courtesy: YRB Magazine

American Dharma and the antics of Steve Bannon

Errol Morris: “I say to Steve Bannon at one point, you know, he registers this amazing kind of surprise that I voted for Hillary Clinton. I tell him because I was scared of you guys and then I say to him I still am. Now years later I still am scared, I’m frightened. America has gone so far. “

The film, like the interview, surveys the back story of Bannon’s impact on American politics, the idea the he was the brains behind Trump. But it digs deep into his philosophy, concluding he’s insane.

“This is a question that will keep coming up again and again and again inevitably with Trump,” Morris says. “Does Trump know what he’s doing? Is he aware of the fact that he’s lying? Does Bannon know what he’s doing? Is he aware of the fact that he’s lying?”

This conversation may or may not settle those questions, but Errol Morris’s take on Steve Bannon gives you plenty to think about.

Click here to read the American Dharma Interview with Errol Morris

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