MSTDA Thriller Dance, A Happy In Costume, Roosevelt Island Halloween

An MSTDA Thriller enlivened the Rivercross lawn on Tuesday, spirits dancing until it was dark. “Happy Halloween” was the message.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

All Images by Irina Hage, Irina Island Images.

Welcome to the MSTDA Thriller

Missing Halloween? Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MSTDA) has an answer, and we’re sharing it here with you.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 staggers the nation, but through music and dance, MSTDA shows that communities can fight back.

MSTDA Thriller leaders
Lively leadership makes a difference as Exec. Dir. Kristi Towey and Asst. Exec. Kimbirdlee Fadner lead the Thriller dancers.

The Thriller Halloween Dance was a creative take off on Michael Jackson, and Kimbirdlee Fadner played the musical genius. That’s her with the telltale white glove.

MSTDA gang poses, catching their collective breaths, with their Fall For Arts mural.
Watch it: Thriller Dance live as it happened.

A community event…

You’re never too little to dance at the MSTDA Thriller, and it’s Halloween, after all.
MSTDA Thriller group shot.
You can social distance and still have fun.
At the MSTDA Thriller, dreams about next year while enjoying the treats of this one.

The MSTDA Thriller Dance made way for other charms…

Beautiful blue butterflies, always welcome…
MSTDA Thriller dance
MSTDA Thriller Halloween jumped boundaries but not social distances.
The Fadners at MSTDA Thriller
Team Fadner: Kimbirdlee, Jonathan, Charlie and Jack. That’s Michael, Goofy and the Ninjas.
With Kristi Towey, all in black, leading, MSTDA fills the lawn with socially distanced dance.

You can’t stop the dance… or Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance.

MSTDA Thriller Troop
As darkness fell over Roosevelt Island, the MSTDA Thriller troop, posed.

If encores were possible, applause would now shower this lively gang.

Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance hopes they’ve brought some spirit to an otherwise difficult time. They wish a “Happy Halloween!” to everyone.

And there’s more to come as the holiday season approaches. Stay tuned.

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