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Hold It, Seawright! You Just Now Stole My Credit…


Rebecca Seawright just stole my credit for catching Cuomo’s RIOC bullying a cat sanctuary. Sure, she’s in a tough reelection fight, but how low can you go?

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

So, here’s what happened.

Last Wednesday, state assembly member Rebecca Seawright and congresswoman Carolyn Maloney were out driving around. And they found themselves at WFF‘s Octagon cat sanctuary.

Cat staring
We expect a bit of subterfuge with cats, but what about reporters and pols?

Both are in reelection fights, but they found time for supporting the cats.

And wouldn’t you just know it? Fate shined on them.

A super friendly, credulous local blogger just happened by at the very same time.

And here’s another funny coincidence, neither Seawright nor Maloney’s campaigns notified me of a publicity stop; so, it wasn’t simply “arranged,” for guaranteed friendly coverage, was it?

Here’s why that’s a funny coincidence. This event took place… Wait a minute while I look it up on Google maps… Oh, yes. It was in my backyard.

The Roosevelt Islander photographed the visiting pols cuddling the cats, shot a video with Seawright, and posted it as a news story.

But it’s the video that set my hair on fire…

…because that’s where Rebecca Seawright stole my credit.

Warning: If you’re sensitive to political blather and posturing, you might want to consider your gag reflex.

Now, mind you, giving credit to original sources is standard practice in journalism, if not in politics where integrity long ago lost luster.

So, you’d expect the blogger to make a note, but not necessarily Seawright.

Yes, she stole my credit, but as a Cuomo emissary, she did not surprise anyone.

Asked by the ever compliant… Wait. Was this staged…? Never mind…

The Roosevelt Islander asked her about RIOC‘s brutal threat to dismantle all WFF’s sanctuaries this month in apparent retaliation for an environmental protest.

On camera, Seawright said she got on the horn with the executive branch (Read; Team Cuomo) and RIOC and got them to back off. But not because retaliating with gross bullying is patently wrong, but because raising rent during a pandemic was unacceptable.

Let the bullying stand, Seawright implied.

Rebecca Seawright stole my credit in covering for RIOC's retaliation against this protest.
Seawright and RIOC panicked as the Save Our Shorelines protest marched through Southpoint.

But here’s where she stole my credit: she never explained why she made the calls.

I can help out with this. It was because we posted Sickening Animal Cruelty Marks Cuomo’s RIOC.

Or as RIOC acting president/CEO Shelton Haynes put it, “It went public.”

Whoa! Send in the troops!

Seawright stepped into the fray, reserving all credit for herself, on the first working day after that story appeared.

But, ya know, it was just another happy coincidence.

Rebecca Seawright stole my credit, but if you thought it couldn’t get worse…

…you would be wrong.

Within days, this “news story,” showed up as a paid Seawright ad. Guess where?

You can catch Seawright and Maloney petting the cats while WFF executive director Rossana Ceruzzi looks on right on the Roosevelt Islander’s homepage, * the very venue palming it off as a news story.

*The ad, apparently assembled by misappropriating a Facebook post without permission, was later changed, replacing it with a different image.

No disclaimer anywhere.

Who says you can’t learn from Fox News or the New York Post?


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