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“Trump Democrats” Now Flamed After Bitter Court Ballot Defeat


Progressive Democratic candidate for New York State’s 76th Assembly District, Patrick Bobilin, bitterly flamed “Trump Democrats,” last week.

By David Stone

Incumbent Rebecca Seawright used what she once called “Soviet-style” tactics in getting him removed from November’s ballot. But Bobilin saw more than technical challenges in her attack.

“These Trump Democrats will undermine your personal history and make a mockery of your poverty in order to maintain their own political power,” he said.

Trump Democrats flamed, the fuel: Rebecca Seawright poses with Republican John Catsimatidis
Bobilin’s campaign offered this undated photo of Seawright with Republican John Catsimatidis, now running for mayor, as evidence of her conservative leanings. More images are available, but they are protected by copyright.

“But as any member of the growing underclass will tell you, abuse of power comes as no surprise. 

“My only question for Ms Seawright is ‘how exactly did this help your constituents?'”

But how did this happen…?

This spring, during the pandemic, Seawright found herself kicked off two ballot lines. Republicans challenged her petitions on Democratic and Working Families party lines because of technical deficiencies.

While rookie mistakes from a veteran’s campaign team startled observers, Seawright refused responsibility. Instead, she accused her opponent, Lou Puliafito, of “Soviet-style tactics” and of disenfranchising voters.

Into the vacuum stepped progressive Democrat Patrick Bobilin.

He soon faced the same tactics, not from Puliafito, but from Seawright.

Last week, after losing every battle along the way, the incumbent finally prevailed.

Bobilin’s campaign manager was livid, flaming “Trump Democrats.”

“The Appellate Division got it wrong. It’s a bad decision that goes against the plain language of the statute and overturns the correct decision of the lower court who actually got to see the evidence,” declared Brian Mangan.

“This decision will disenfranchise young people and people who do not own property. It’s a step backwards to a time when only wealthy, white landowners had any say in our society. 

“We are weighing all of our options and have no further comment at this time.”

Bobilin tells us that his next move will come in a few days.

But for now, “Trump Democrats” flamed…

A video from Bobilin’s campaign makes the case…

The video, focusing on Seawright’s association with Trump supporters in the Republican Party, also compares shared campaign contributors.

“Ms. Seawright didn’t pursue an appeal in the interest of justice,” Bobilin said.

“On the contrary, this was an attempt to use the political power of the court system as a tool for her own career. Truthfully, this is an attempt to correct her failure to twice get on the ballot, as a Democratic or a Working Families candidate.

“Doubting that she could win against my candidacy, she sought help from political connections, much like we see playing out unfortunately on the national stage with Donald Trump questioning the legitimacy of our upcoming election.”


Before wrapping up, Bobilin flamed “Trump Democrats,” one more time.

“What it did was to send a message to all working-class candidates, most especially Millennials and Gen Z, who have experienced two massive financial crises in their lifetimes, that the itinerant nature of the job market they’re forced to grapple with, the conditions of which are created and maintained by the incumbent political class, can be instrument in disenfranchising their political power. “

Seawright’s media contact declined multiple opportunities to comment on this campaign and her positions.

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