Why “Good People” Support A Really Awful Trump

Why do “good people” support really awful Trump? It’s a question that bugged me, but now, I think we’ve finally got an answer. It’s because Trump is them.

By David Stone

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Look, it can’t be politics anymore. Trump’s are all over the place, positions of convenience attracting attention, but there’s no center here. No philosophy.

Seasoned conservatives reject his politics.

And it sure as hell isn’t character. The president lies at a rate that would get your kid hustled out of any normal classroom and into counseling, and he brags about assaulting women. A man who publicly cheated on all three wives and mocked a disabled reporter has less character than road kill.


Why Do “Good People” Support a Really Awful Trump?

The truth, I realized, hides in plain sight, and yet another Facebook post and dueling comments opened my eyes.

I saw, finally, that Trump supporters don’t even try defending him, his conduct or his actions, anymore. At best, they deflect.

“What about Biden this…?” Or “But the Democrats…”

In other words, the argument is, “Our guy’s awful but not as awful as your guys.” And it’s striking how often counterclaims depend on falsehoods. Like anything will do.

Good people and awful Trump…

To these “good people,” awful Trump is a hood ornament… He stands as a symbol for their own bigotry. Supporting a major party candidate standing for proper-sounding themes provides cover for the racists next door.

They’re not really standing up for Trump, but they’re hiding inside him.

While the poor dope thinks he’s leading…

But the real leaders are Limbaugh, Carlson, Murdoch, Hannity, Navarro, Miller, Pompeo, Putin and, for some, Q.

Awful Trump, boiled down, is us, our neighbors, coworkers and friends. The MAGA hats and support for police forcefully controlling mobs that don’t exist…

They’re four-square in favor de facto segregation, putting all those queers back in the closet where everyone says, “Merry Christmas!” and sings “God Bless America!”

Those are your neighbors’ own dog whistles.

Who’s Kidding Who?

American racism, established over 300 years ago, flourishes. And so does homophobia, assorted religious bigotry disguised as biblical faith, and protecting the status quo against the influence of “those people.”

And these good people supporting really awful Trump want to make America Great Again. For them.

But its most recent rendition wears a nicer face, a smile, a flag, a right to vote, all conditioned on the false premise of race and established power.

Even the First Amendment freedom of speech is under fire. Fierce defenders of Second Amendment gun rights spew venom at athletes expressing freely by kneeling during the national anthem, but would they act the same if the athletes weren’t mostly people of color?

And men of color who’ve always scared the hell out of them.

Similarly, police brutality gets a pass from those good people voting for awful Trump because it’s just “law and order,” isn’t it?

Well, no. Peaceful protest isn’t unlawful, and why is order more important for a Black Lives Matter rally than a rowdy motorcycle gig in remote South Dakota filled with Trump supporters?

Anybody recall the president calling for law and order at riotous motorcycle rallies?


As time passes and Trump’s exposed as a racist, bully, misogynist, Russian tool and liar, his politics undefinable, no person with half a brain honestly supports that.

Sure, you can be a conservative, and you can believe in your country. But that’s not Trump.

Trump is us. He’s the hood ornament for a good chunk of yours and my neighborhood.

Want to end the abuses of Trumpism?

Stop debating Trump and start talking freely with the guy down the block with the MAGA hat.

What is it about Trump he likes? Truthfully.

It’s not the politics, and it probably never was.

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10 thoughts on “Why “Good People” Support A Really Awful Trump

  1. Hey, Dave! I’ve given up trying to determine their motivation beyond the fear factor coupled with your reasoning. Spew enough “buzz” words to enough fearful people [“They’ll take away your guns! They’re against God! (whie holding up a Bible hoping not to burst into flames) It’s all a hoax! (take your pick) I AM THE LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT!”] and you get them to believe you. But the burning question for me is “Why the deafening silence of Republican enablers?” Some are showing signs of “Re-growing a pair” but my fear is that there is still an ample supply of gullible voters. (Long live AP! lol)

    1. I don’t think many are gullible. There’s just one message that matters or two really: White supremacy and Male Privilege, and it doesn’t matter how they paint them over.

  2. Outstanding! I can’t tell you how many times (perhaps every time) that someone “defends” Trump, it is precisely what you said. They don’t defend him – they immediately deflect. And it’s not the politics. I laid an astounding amount of historical information about Cool Cal, considered the worst US president in history (before 2016) and explained how the current POTUS’s radical commentary, complete lack of knowledge or character, and bullying is sending Coolidge into the 2nd worst President slot. Coolidge just didn’t care at all. Trump has done irreparable damage. All the guy could say in reply was, “Go Trump”. Quite certain he wears a MAGA hat.

  3. Thanks for your excellent article explaining, why so many U.S. Citizens support Trump, with all of his lies and bluster. The truth makes me sick to my stomach, but it’s better than’ hearing’ another lie.

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