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Intimidate: Imperiled Seawright Hires Big Guns, Courts Media


Imperiled Rebecca Seawright apparently courts the media with surrogates, hiring big guns through powerful friends in Albany.

By David Stone

Threats to her reelection by Patrick Bobilin on the left and Lou Puliafito on the right rattle incumbent Seawright’s campaign. As reported earlier, this provoked hypocritical tactics and intimidation.

Now, an expanded frame suggests courting conservative media while hauling in big. legal guns hooked up with Albany’s elite power brokers.

Imperiled Seawright courts conservative media in attack on Patrick Bobilin, Independent Candidate for NYS 76th Dist. Assembly
Seawright’s progressive challenger belatedly attacked in the conservative media. Was it coordinated?

It all popped into view when the New York Post on Saturday reported Bobilin’s arrest for smashing a car window during a BLM protest. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

Well, it wasn’t, and that’s a story in itself.

Is Imperiled Incumbent Seawright Courting Conservative Media?

Yes, there was an incident during a Black Lives Matter march, and yes, Bobilin attacked a car.

“I saw people at risk and I saw something like what happened in Charlottesville,” he said.

Video shows a car driving into a crowd of protestors, immediately in front of Bobilin, and it also shows him throwing his body on the vehicle to stop it.

But that’s not the story the Post tells, and it’s even worse.

The incident and the arrest happened two months ago, in mid-June, and in spite of documented appeals, the Post declined covering it. So did everyone else.

The Post, New York One and ABC 7 all jumped on the Twitter thread, asking permission to use the video. But none did, until Saturday, two months later.

A couple of things make this suspicious, first, the timing coinciding with Seawright’s technical ballot challenges against both Bobilin and Puliafito. But something else raised red flags.

“The writer, Jon Levine, asked about two things,” Bobilin says, “the police report and ‘I heard you’re a very aggressive petitioner.'”

The latter’s an apparent reference to accusations by Seawright campaign spokesperson Michael Arena, reported earlier. But what the hell’s it got to do with the arrest?

Did someone in Seawright’s imperiled campaign reach out and court the media?

And A Web Weaved Between New York and Albany

Arena accused Bobilin of aggressive tactics while collecting signatures on ballot petitions after we showed him video of Team Rebecca veteran Peter Patch. He interferes with her challenger in a street confrontation.

Team Rebecca Member Peter Patch goes after Bobilin, even removing his face mask to shout insults.

Here, the plot thickens.

Patch is also Seawright’s surrogate in technical challenges to ballot petitions by both opponents, a tactic she previously termed “Soviet Union-style.” In guess where?

The New York Post, which missed the contradiction just as it missed the arrest until it suited Seawright’s campaign.

And the plot thickens some more…

The imperiled Seawright campaign courts the media, but there’s a serious Albany tie-in worth exploring.

Patch lists as legal counsel Stanley Schlein, “a Bronx fixer,” but also closely associated with assembly speaker Carl Heastie. Heastie runs a slush fund used for helping incumbents keep their jobs.

Together, these coincidences can’t easily be seen as accidental.

Seawright’s campaign indulged in smelly tactics as soon as it became clear that she failed to file properly and would not appear on November’s Democratic Party line.

This left her an underdog, an independent hunting signatures, where she should simply have waltzed into a fourth term. But with Republican liberal Puliafito the only major party candidate, Bobilin further imperiled Seawright by running against her as an independent.

Bobilin is also a Democrat, but for Seawright and Patch, he might as well be a Tea Party pioneer. Arguably, she’s treating him worse than her larger threat, Puliafito.

Worst For Last: Imperiled Seawright Courts the Media

Does the Post Support Police Abuse of Protestors?

An objective look at video from BLM’s Juneteenth march shows a car forcing its way through a line of protestors. This was a high moment following George Floyd’s murder by police officers.

The car disrupts the line of marchers directly in front of Bobilin, identifiable by a jersey with the number 7 on it. He reacts courageously, trying to stop the car.

Watch for the car on the left and Bobilin acting in response.

“Two individuals banged on his vehicle while he was stopped at the intersection, smashed the front windshield window and caused damage to the hood,” said police spokeswoman Annette Shelton.

But that’s a lie. The “two individuals” actually stopped the car as the driver plowed into a peaceful protest. One of them was Patrick Bobilin.

Bobilin was arrested. The driver was not. The Post found this story important two months later… when it might help Seawright.

On Friday, the police union endorsed Donald Trump’s reelection, amid unhinged claims from union leaders about cops being victimized.

“Also, does anyone else see a potential problem with police unions — enforcement arms of the state with lethal weapons — promoting ‘preferred’ candidates for office or is that just me?”

AOC/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

While Seawright’s imperiled campaign courts the media, you might wonder about the company she keeps.

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