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The Carolyn Maloney Ethics Complaint


Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney was hit with an ethics complaint, last week. It accuses her of “deliberately misleading, racist, and egregious conduct.” But will a House in which she’s a senior member of the majority review it fairly?

By David Stone

Last week, the Roosevelt Island Daily/News learned of an ethics complaint against 12th District Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. It was submitted by Friends of Suraj Patel.

Based on questionable antics reported in Maloney and Seawright Go Dirty, it accuses Maloney’s campaign of multiple offenses. And it relates to her current reelection effort.

The Carolyn Maloney Ethics Complaint Before The House of Representatives

” Faced with imminent electoral defeat in light of the Patel campaign’s growing support, Representative Maloney’s campaign launched a desperate last-minute attack on Mr. Patel’s character,” the complaint reads.

The House ethics complaint against Carolyn Maloney accuses her of racist tactics against challenger Suraj Patel, seen here with Roy Eaton in 2018.
Suraj Patel, seen here chatting with Roosevelt Island’s legendary pianist Roy Eaton during the 2018 campaign.

Her campaign, Friends of Suraj Patel maintains, “…spent an estimated $100,000 or more to flood the 12th congressional district with a deliberately misleading and racist mailer, cable television, internet, and social media advertisements, and even a stand-alone website dedicated to nothing more than defaming Mr. Patel’s character, claiming that Mr. Patel is ‘creepy,’ and falsely accusing him of expressing repugnant views regarding women.”

Various dog whistles, “…tap into deplorable racist stereotypes about Black and Brown men.”

It goes on, “Her campaign and its surrogates have referred to Mr. Patel as a ‘predator,’ told him to ‘go work in the vineyards,’ consistently used the phrase ‘he’s not from here’ to describe him, and even criticized him for receiving money from many Americans with the last name ‘Patel.'”

The ethics complaint against Carolyn Maloney asks that the committee “..send a clear message to the House that misleading and racist attacks on political opponents are out-of-bounds.”

The House will not have time for review prior to this week’s primary.


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