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Foggy NYC Skyline — Piaskowski


A foggy NYC skyline is photographer Piaskowski’s pallet and muse. Pictures find the ordinary at play with the ephemeral in a series taken during the pandemic.

Piaskowski, a founding member of the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) in New York City, shows her work locally and throughout the U.S.

Spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, isolation became a theme, but she refused to give in.

Picture taking safaris kept her eye fresh. Then, one foggy NYC day, she captured the lyrical contrasts of skyline and island. Here, she shares the results with us.

Piaskowski’s Foggy NYC Skyline

East River and foggy NYC Skyline
In a long view down the East River, the photographer catches a hard Turtle Bay skyline. Fluid sky and water hold it in contrast.
A fully loaded tanker pushes toward The Bronx as the Empire State Building stands sentry, shrouded by mist.

But a closer look approaches water color textures and blends softening the city.

The iconic building rises like a distant, imaginary structure.
Foggy New York City Skyline
Here again, the NYC skyline contrasts with fluid motion on all sides but can not be disturbed.

The effect is dreamlike and fully real at the same time.

Chrysler Building
The Chrysler Building pierces the fog behind the Turtle Bay waterfront.
From land, a foggy NYC skyline
From a pedestrian point of view on Roosevelt Island, a foggy NYC skyline, atmosphere for a spring evening.
Foggy skyline embraced by the piers of the historic Queensboro Bridge.
As the evening falls, Piaskowski turns her lens east as a ferry glides past Long Island City, also crowned by softening fog.

Piaskowski invites you to enjoy more of her pictures on Instagram.

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