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New York Reopening Details


At his daily press briefing today, May 4th, Governor Andrew Cuomo released New York reopening details. Residents eager for a return to normal got a clear roadmap, but one that’s different for ten regions.

Reporting by David Stone

Contrasting with the brutalist approach taken by the federal government under Trump, Governor Cuomo’s plan is detailed and nuanced. It may serve as a guide for other states.

Broken down into regions, reopening occurs in four phases determined by business category.

  • First: construction, manufacturing, and select retail that can offer curbside pickup.
  • Second: professional services, finance and insurance, retail, administrative support, and real estate/rental leasing.
  • Third: restaurants and food services, as well as hotels and accommodations.
  • Fourth: arts, entertainment, recreation, and education. 

Cuomo’s New York reopening plan may be more valuable that it appears, the state being as diverse as the nation, it may work almost anywhere.

New York Reopening, Regional Details

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New York Reopening Details

As reported in 6sqft, here’s the proposal.

  1. A region must have at least 14 days of decline in total hospitalizations and deaths, based on a three-day rolling average.
  2. In regions that have had few COVID cases, there cannot be more than 15 new total cases or five new deaths, based on a three-day rolling average.
  3. A region must have fewer than two new COVID patients admitted to the hospital per 100,000 residents per day.
  4. Regions must have at least 30 percent of their total hospital and ICU beds available.
  5. Individual hospitals must have at least 90 days of PPE stockpiled.
  6. A region must perform 30 diagnostic tests for every 1,000 residents per month.
  7. Regions must have a baseline of 30 contact tracers for every 100,000 residents (regions could need additional tracers based on their projected number of cases)
  8. The phased reopening of businesses must be based on a risk vs. reward analysis (see above).
  9. Businesses must implement new safety precautions (see above).
  10. There must be “regional control rooms” to monitor all of the above.

As Governor Cuomo laid it out, the reopening plan sends a message of hope. Leadership puts lives first, but the details clash sharply with what’s coming out of Washington.

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We also learned today that, behind the scenes, the Trump administration expects coronavirus infections and deaths to soar as it oversees a national free for all in openings.

No one, not even Trump’s meekest supporters, believes many states are ready for the horrors mass reopening threatens.

They will do so anyway.

As New York, once the epicenter, works toward recovery, it’s a country divided… between the well and the sickened.

Or maybe, it’s between the well-governed and the careless.

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