Fighting Back In 2020, New Music Videos Mocking Trump

Music videos mocking Trump, a cottage industry of late, soothe with humor, relieving pains coming out of DC. But the quality surprises as much as the creative content.

By David Stone

Whether it’s an established great like Randy Rainbow or a newcomer, music videos popping up surprise us. There’s real brilliance, and each make the best out of the inspiration.

Mocking Trump sends creative, musical minds soaring.

Mocking Trump with a Sixties Classic

For belly laughs, nothing quite beats this parody of The Tokens’s The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Fortunately, the lyrics are on screen and easy to follow. But you might enjoy singing along even more.

Randy Rainbow’s Latest Twist from Musical Theatre

Randy Rainbow’s been putting out funny videos for a while. He’s frequently inspired by Trump, but this latest is a show stopper.

Here, he parodies a tune from The Sound of Music to mock one of Trump’s lunier recent fabrications. But this one’s dangerous, and Randy uses humor to send a warning.

Enjoy more Randy Rainbow parodies on all topics here.

The Founding Fathers Chime In

Until someone sent me a link to this music video, I never imagined that our country’s founding fathers were aware of Trump. But if they were, surely they’d lowered their heads in shame… but no…

Ben, George, Alexander and many more join in song. It’s a rollicking parody of Don McClean’s The Day the Music Died, and it hits the funny bone, spot on.

See more Founders Sing music videos here or subscribe to get the latest.

Music Videos Mocking Trump Conclusion

An unintentional result of Trump’s tenure in Washington is a fresh outburst of humor. It’s everywhere in cartoons and articles, but we believe music videos do it best.

We’ll add to this collection as new songs catch our notice.

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